Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The Heart of it All
I actually shot a fair bit of photos yesterday and today of all kinds of different things. This is a small selection - I have a lot things to post and write about - a real case of post-farm-season-creative-overload! Its a good thing(right Martha!).

Island of the Blue Poles I found this little peninsula while out for a hike yesterday - look at the larger size(click on photo) and then tell me what all those blue poles are. Strange. Flakes Rusty oil well - couldn't decide if I liked this one or the one below better - so I posted both. CRUDE Late Bloomer 'Late Bloomer' or 'Last Goodbye' or 'Gone for the Season' many titles come to mind. Anyway it was cool to see this little last rose bud on my climbers. Victory Party Victory Party last night.

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