Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Old Friend Meet New Friend

Panasonic Multiplex Stereo
I believe my Dad was given this Panasonic Stereo as a gift from the bank he worked for sometime in the early 70's. My memories of it start when I was quite young - it was always in the family room. I remember hearing it play Christmas songs on many Christmas mornings, my Parent's record collection, and un-televised sports games(remember those days?). I acquired it around twelve years ago(though I had used its now-dead record player since college). I've had it hooked up to a new record player, a DVD player, MP3 player and now I use it with my Microsoft Surface RT. When my former band, The Strange Division, would record we would never be content with a mix of our recordings until we could play a copy of the sessions on this stereo - it just sounds so classic. 

It has hosted many apartment dance parties and survived a hard fall when my angry downstairs neighbor stormed up the stairs late one night and threw it to the ground(I was sleeping through the blaring music and ensuing commotion). It had its quirks like all old electronics - I spent much time fiddling with the well frayed speaker wires(until I found an identical set of speakers at the thrift store a few years ago) and when the left speaker wouldn't work a twist of the mode knob past where it should go would return it to functionality. I finally couldn't take the static booms in the volume dial anymore and took it to Falcon Electronics last week to have it taken apart and cleaned. It now sounds better than ever and I hope its my primary stereo for years to come! Old Meet New