Friday, November 23, 2012

Modern Tradition

On the Friday after Thanksgiving it has become tradition for my family to do some shopping at the West Side Market followed by some drinks in the area. This year Great Lakes Brewery was a little to crowded for our large group so we grabbed our food and drink at the Market Garden Brewery. Andrew and DadShopping
Ride To Cleveland
The ride to Cleveland.
 The West Side Market
In the West Side Market. Great Lakes
Loading the beers into Great Lakes. Decisions, Decisions
Andrew deciding what to order.


Kyle said...

Great shot of Andrew. Really nice natural light sneaking onto his sharp face behind the menu.

I regret that I don't make it to Cleveland markets as much as I would like. Your post has prompted me to make it up there before Christmas.

Tim Fitzwater said...

Market Square really is a great spot. It seems to get better every year with more restaurants and shops.
Market Garden had great big windows that made for really good lighting.