Monday, November 26, 2012

Kodak Black and White + 400

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Last weekend I shot a roll of Kodak Black and White + 400 in my Nikon L35 Af(after I finished my roll of Fuji NPH 400). This is a film that comes out black and white but is developed using the color process of C-41(the processing photo labs use) instead of black and white chemicals(that I use at home). My friend, Dave, gave me a few rolls of this which was leftover from when he was in College Photography - so it is a few years expired. The reviews say its a fine grained film and comparing it to my Tri-X negatives I would say that the age added a bit of grain, but I didn't seem to notice any loss in speed. I don't believe Kodak still makes this specific film but they do make a different C-41 black and white film(BW400CN). Overall I was happy with the results I achieved with this film, however I prefer to develop my own black and white film so if this wasn't a free gift I probably wouldn't have ever shot it.  I can see why this would be a great for someone who wanted to shoot black an white film without doing home developing.   
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