Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Boston to Jaite

Desolate Day
A couple red-tailed hawks, whitetail deer and me explored the section of the Towpath Trail north of Boston today - it is a pretty desolate section of the trail(at least on a Tuesday afternoon in November). Besides the usual former farm fields(now wetlands) and a few canal locks there are a some cool historical sights. First and foremost is what is left of the Jaite Paper Mill that operated from 1905-1984. And what is left? Pretty much a just a concrete pad and one of the huge 1927 fourdrinier machines used to make four-walled cement bags. The park tore down the rest of the mill in 2006 - I'm sure due to the constant explorers and vandals - the place was after all falling in on itself and probably quite dangerous.
I also located the 1826 Brandywine Creek Culvert that was constructed to carry the Ohio & Erie Canal over the creek. This side(below) of the culvert looked mostly original - the other side(not pictured) had been refaced with concrete at some point.
Brandywine Creek Culvert

I believe the red barn in the distance may have belonged to the Wallace's who farmed the area around Lock 33. In canal days this area was one of the least built up.
1927 Fourdrinier MachineRust and Rocks
More Jaite Photos
Talk to the Barrel
Brandywine Sky Resort - From the Towpath Trail


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