Sunday, November 28, 2010

Browns Game

Fans Sunset
When going to a professional sport's games I always debate on what equipment to bring with me. Most arenas/stadiums rules state that "professional gear" and "bags" are not permitted(they give you dimensions of the bags you can bring). I always play it safe and bring my camera with the kit zoom lens(a 24-135mm) - its not a great lens but the long zoom range give me the most shooting options. I've never had a problem bringing this with me in my holster-style bag but have yet to push the boundaries and try to bring more lenses and a flash(I'm always parked too far away and don't wanna risk going back to the car). Anyways - since I'm just trying to capture some of the experience of going to a game, not the actual sports action, I'm usual fine with this simple gear set-up.
Laura and IWorking!

Foam Finger
The girls next to us were fairly drunk and it was "foam finger give-away day" - they couldn't resist messing around with the poor guy in front of them.
Joshua Cribbs
Joshua Cribbs awaiting the kick-off.

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Tim R. said...

Cool shots, feeling captured.