Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yellow Creek
A combination of things led me to wander around in the woods where Yellow Creek dumps into the Cuyahoga - more commonly understood to be the intersection of Bath and Riverview Roads. The Beacon had an interesting article about the town named Botzum that once stood there and I had visited the spot briefly to photograph the Yellow Creek Culvert - I wanted to do some more exploring. I started to come across some old barn stones and then the below pictured wall - I was thinking I was looking at an old bank barn foundation until I looked down the bank and saw some more stones. The layout led me to believe I had found the foundation to one side of covered bridge that once took Bath Road over the river. It was quite a surprise because the Beacon article said the bridge had been torn down in the early 1900's(the same time the town pretty much disappeared). When I got home I looked at the historic photo of the covered bridge in the paper and it left me pretty sure what I saw was the remnants of the bridge.
Bath Road Covered Bridge
I plan to head back to the area one more time for some more exploration and to get some better photos.

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Tim R. said...

Covered bridge on Bath Road, huh?