Friday, November 26, 2010

Cleveland Gems

West Side Market
One of the great things about having family in from out of town is showing them some of our local gems. Today we took some of our Florida relatives up north to see some of them. We stopped at the West Side Market which hugely impressed them - as I think it would any foodie. I took the above shot by setting my camera on the floor-railing of the balcony(make-shift tripod) and taking a one second exposure - I liked the motion it gave the crowd. 
After a little shopping we walked over to the Great Lakes brewery where we indulged in a few too many Christmas Ales and some delicious burgers. Feeling good we stopped at the East 9nth Street Pier - not the best day to show someone Lake Erie but I think the Great Lakes took a bit of the blustery edge off.

West Side Market
I took the opportunity to get a better picture of the outside of the West Side Market as well - its such a beautiful building.
My Cousin Jeff on the Pier.
Great Lakes
Family @ Great Lakes


Anonymous said...

Great shots of the West Side Market - it is an Ohio gem!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics.