Monday, February 20, 2012

Valley Bridal Trail

Sun and Shine
After work I went for a hike on the Valley Bridal Trail - I hiked north from the farm past the goat farm and the remnants of older farms too. Its a very pretty hike(especially with the sun setting) that I had always wanted to take but never had. I'd like to walk more parts of this trail and find more old remnants of the farms and houses of the valley. I know parts of the trail follow the remains of East River Road - a road that wound its way through the valley around the old farm fields until Akron-Peninsula Road was built.
The Path XXVII Obviously

Goat Farm
Goat Boy's Farm
Old Barn foundation
Old Valley Barn
Shadows and Reflections
Shadows and Reflections 14
On the Wire Early Risers
Weed Perspectives II Signs IV

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