Friday, February 17, 2012

Film Flats

Steel Curves
My second attempt to develop film at home was a success. I used the exact same method as the first time - Kodak HC-110 for 6 minutes with 5 second agitations every 30 seconds at 68 degrees. I shot a this roll of Kodak Tri-X400 with my Minolta X-700 and a Rokkor 55mm 1.7 lens -I always love the cylindrical background blur I get with this lens.
As mentioned yesterday, I shot most of this roll in The Flats and then finished it in the north part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Construction DeereArches II
Chains IVIron

One of the most exciting/nerve racking things is pulling the film off the reel after developing - ah the relief/excitement of seeing photos appear though!
Canal Lock
Gate HolderPicnic

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