Monday, February 13, 2012

Porta VC 400

To 77
Today I got an expired(2004) roll of Kodak Portra 400VC developed at Akron Commercial Color Lab. I shot the roll with my Minolta X-570 and a range of Rokkor lenses over the last few months. Unfortunately it will probably be the last roll of film shot with my favorite Minolta - the shutter is no longer working properly. While shooting this roll I would often have to remove the lens and push the shutter to its fully closed position to get the mirror to drop back down. Due to this, most of the roll is a loss, and many of the photos are only half visible. I do have two other Minolta's that are currently in working order - a X-700 and a SRT-101. The X-700 is supposed to be a better version of the nearly identical X-570 but I prefer the full information in the viewfinder of the 570. I shoot the SRT-101 mostly for a "historical experience" - its is a late 60s/early 70s SLR.  
Beaver Pond Shadows XVIII
I doubt I could handle fixing the X-570(though I might look into it) and I don't think I could justify the repair costs.  So the camera will probably be relegated to a life on a display shelf in my collection.
Miranda Automex III Beaver Pond II

I bought this roll in a collection of film from an estate sale and it being six years expired definitely effected the color - there seems to be a blue shift very noticeable in most the images. Certain others seem to have a strange quality I can't put my finger on.
Overall I like the "old filmy look" of these shot - I mean, who needs "Hipstamatic" when you can do it for real? I just wish the whole roll came out....
Bench in Sun II
Forgive Me Metered

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