Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Square Flats

Flats Train
Today I went to Dodd Camera to pick up a few things - I bought a new thermometer for my film chemicals and developer for paper. I might have bought more but they are so unpleasant there that I just left. I than went over to Aperture which is the exact opposite - Scott is super-nice and helpful - and got some Impossible stuff(more on that later in the week).
I went a walk in the flats where I shot most of a roll of Kodak Tri-X but I decided to hedge my bets with a few digital shots too. I finished the roll in the Cuyahoga Valley and tried out a new red filter for black and white film....those will be developed and posted tomorrow...
Flats XI

I seem to be real into square crops and black borders lately(you'll have to click the photos to go to flickr to see the borders). I guess I have that 120 film on my mind that I plan to shoot soon...
Flats II

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