Friday, February 24, 2012

Botzum Area on Film

Another home development success(Tri-X400 and HC-110) - I'm getting my process down pretty well. I think that I'll shoot a few more with the same development method and then start to try some other things(push/pull maybe?). Most of these photos were taken on the Conrad Botzum Farmstead but a few were just random places I found in the woods. I always like to search for the blocked-off driveways on Riverview Road and then hike around the area looking for what was...
Won't You Be My Wagon Wheel II
The Path XXVII Utility II

I really liked this S-curve in the tracks.
Old gate near the Ira Trail-head
Gate Crashers
I bought you a six pack of Stroh's... York Rake
Cook Out Implementation
York Rake
York Rake IV
Old Outhouse
When ya gotta go....
The one below was a mistake. I thought I had a 36 exposure roll in my camera and couldn't figure out why the film would not advance. I forced it multiple times(5?) but it turned out the roll was 24 exposures this image is probably a quintuple exposure.
Accidental Quintuple Exposure

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