Friday, February 17, 2012

Silhouettes and Crawlers

Silhouette XXVI
I had my camera at work today to capture the Yanmar C50R(below) that we rented to move dirt through the muddy fields. Its a great tool - fun to drive and super useful. I guess these things are quite a hot commodity, even though none of us had even known about them before Big John saw one in an auction. We have it for a week and we've already got a ton of work done with it.  To bad some kook from the EPA showed up and tried to claim a flood-damaged part of our field was a "wetland".  I consider myself an environmentalist but it doesn't mean common sense has to be thrown out the window....he really slowed us down....
Yanmar C50R

Dave. I love the color in this shot.
Dave and Colour
John driving the Yanmar.
Big John Driving

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