Sunday, April 10, 2016

Winter Saturday in Spring

Snowy April
Yesterday my friend, Fran, invited me to an open house at the future home of HiHo Brewing Co. The building is on Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls and is mostly just a shell right now - but they had the floor plans posted and it looks like it will be real cool spot. A variety of beers were available to sample and all were good - my favorite being the Session Red Rye IPA. They are projecting a fall opening(so probably spring as I joked).
When all the beer was polished off at HiHo we headed into to the Valley for a hike and some barn exploration at the Wetmore Trailhead. It was a beautiful winter hike - in April.

HiHo Brewing
Long exposure in the 1920s building that will soon house a brewery.
HiHo Brewing
HiHo Brewing
HiHo Brewing
"Leave Us a Note"
HiHo Brewing
"Red Rye"
HiHo Brewing
"Founders Club"
HiHo Brewing
"Barn in Cold Sun"
"Stable Rows"
Inside the Barn
"Old Barn"
"Fran in Shed"
"Left Behind"
Made in Japan
"Made in Japan"
Ok - bring on the spring weather now....

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