Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Color Implosion

When I put in an order for photography gear I usually tack on a few rolls of film - sometimes restocking Kodak Tri-X 400 and other times trying some interesting sounding films I've never used before. This time I tried out a film by Adox called "Color Implosion!" which is a C41 negative film that bills itself as having "imploding colors, bursting red, and toxic grains". About the only thing I would agree with them on is the "toxic grain" as this is a super grainy film - it almost looks like over exposed ISO 1600 film. I experimented with it in a few different situations - night with flash, bright daylight, magic hour, and set at ISO 100 and 400. 
This is a film I wouldn't ever buy again - in fact the only reason I can see to buy this film would be if you want to make sure people know you are shooting film - as there would be no other reason to go for such a grainy washed out look. I guess some might people like its "vintage/instagram-y" feel but I think this just looks like poorly exposed old film. There is just nothing that sets it apart enough to make it worthwhile. 
Anyway, check it out - I still came away with a few photos I liked enough to share.

St. Pat's
St. Pat's with Sara and Eric.
This photo cracks me up - it has that old tourist photo vibe. "Hey, honey - stand in front of that - smile!"
Downtown @ ISO 100
Downtown at ISO 100
Downtown @ ISO 400
Downtown at ISO 400
Wasted Spaces
"Wasted Space"
"Glendale Ave."
Track Hoe
Sara @ Sweet Mary's
"Hold Still" - Sara at Sweet Mary's Bakery
Unfortunately on our walk to the bakery I realized a problem with my Nikon L35AF - it would only work with the self-timer - I couldn't turn it off. So Sara's expression reflects that she had to hold her pose for 10 seconds while we waited for the shot to be taken. RIP to my second L35AF.
On the Steps
"Sara and Fran on the Steps"
Glendale Steps
"Looking Up"
Glendale Steps II
"Toxic Grain"
Glendale Steps III
"Looking Down"
Sara & Fran
"Sara and Fran on the Steps II"
Sara @ Bike Party!
Sara @ Akron Bike Party.
Night Bike Reflections
"Night Reflections"
Akron Bike Party!
"Bike Party"
Akron's Communist Style
"Akron's Communist Era"
Fran and Sara and my Finger
"The Old Finger Fail"
This film does bill itself as being experimental - and I'm glad they didn't call it "Color EXPLOSION" - but there are far more interesting films out there to get that "unpredictable analog result" that Adox says they are going for.

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