Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Sun Lit
I just got back from an extended weekend on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. I was there to shoot one of my closest friend's weddings - I'm still working through those photos and videos and will have that post soon. 
Tortola was absolutely amazing, if you look up "tropical island" it should just show you a photo of Tortola. I flew into St. Thomas and took a ferry over - which was part of the fun. Tortola is small and relatively undeveloped - and even though you need a passport they speak English and use the US dollar. We all stayed at the Long Bay Beach Club and it mostly felt like we had the place to ourselves. If you want lots of action this is not the place for you - this is a chill vacation spot. 
I did rent a bike in Road Town - the biggest city - and rode it back to the hotel and then back to Road Town the next day. It was a beautiful ride but it is not for amateurs - a couple of killer hills and very narrow roads(plus you have to get used to riding on the "wrong" side of the street).

Winging It
"Winging It"
Over the US Virgin Islands - I love flying.
Ferry Ride
"Ferry Ride"
Weekend Home
The rooms were great - two hotel rooms in each one of these buildings - mine was on the left.
Weekend Home II
"Room with a View"
I was just steps from the beach.
Island Time
This is shot from my balcony.
Room with a View
So is this - not a bad spot to have a morning cup of coffee - or anything else.
Switch Back
"Switch Back"
The roads can be a little intimidating - whether you are riding in a cab or on a bike!
Biking in Paradise
"Ride with a View"
The bike they rented me was only $30 for 24 hours. It was a Trek mountain bike with 29 inch tires - that thing was a steam roller!
Sunset on the Bay
This was the view from an amazing restaurant we ate at called "Bananakeet". The food was great - but they could have put a McDonald's on this location and it would still be worth stopping.
"Water in Sun"
"Bananakeet from Above"
That is a pool in the foreground and their hotel is behind me.
Night Time
Thirty second exposure from a ledge in Bananakeet's parking lot.
"Tropical Sunset"
Tropical Flowers
"Tropical Flowers"
The water was so clear here you could see through the waves - it was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.
More soon.

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