Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend on Wheels

Glendale Ave
I left the studio on my Trek around 5:30pm on Friday evening - there was a steady rain but I was determined to ride. I met a few friends at R. Shea Brewing for a drink before the grand opening of Blimp City Bike and Hike in their new location across the street. The opening was supposed to include the first Moon Ride of the season but the ride was canceled because of the wet conditions of the Towpath. The opening was still a good time with beer, food, music and five bikes raffled for free.
After the party I rode to Sara's house. I woke in the morning and rode to Highland Square for 'Block to the Lock'. That kicked off with a meeting led by Councilman Swirsky and then a group ride to Glendale Cemetery and then onto the seasonal opening of the Mustill Store. After lunch and music I rode out to Peninsula and had a beer at the Winking Lizard. I ended my day back at R. Shea meeting a friend for a drink.
A weekend not getting in a car is a great weekend.

Blimp City Grand Opening
Blimp City Opening
Blimp City Grand Opening
Bikes on top of bikes.
Blimp City Grand Opening
Blimp City Owners raffling the bikes.
Blimp City Grand Opening
Blimp City Grand Opening
The new location of Blimp City should be a good spot for them - having the Towpath on the same side of the street is nice.
Highland Square II
The "block" part of "Block to the Lock"
Highland Square
It was a little chilly out but that made it more pleasant for my longer ride later.
Suzie Graham of Downtown Akron Partnership.
Summit Cycling Center's Andy Davis.
Glendale Chapel
Glendale Chapel
"Lewis P. Buckley"
Glendale Chapel
When we left on the bike ride they said the first stop would be Glendale Chapel. The Chapel is rarely open and my first thought was "dang, I don't have my 6D with me". Having left the studio the night before in the rain I decided to bring my Canon Rebel T5 - a camera I carry as a back-up or for shooting video b-roll. It was interesting exclusively using this camera for a few days - the camera is made to be easy to use - which made it harder for me to use. It feels like the camera is "getting in my way" and the controls I like to use are a little more hidden. When I sat down to edit the photos I realized the true limitations of the camera. For instance in the shot above - when I saw it on my monitor I figured it would be easy to balance out the highlights and shadows. There is just so much less information in the files from the Rebel than my 6D- bringing up the shadows quickly introduces noise and off colors. Not to mention all the color fringing from the cheap lens(which is still fairly fixable in Photoshop). I'm glad I have a back-up camera in case of emergencies - but I'm rarely ever going to head out with only this camera again.
Biking in Glendale
"Cemetery Riding"
Pearl R. Nye dedication - a canal boat captain who had written extensively of his days on the canal was buried in an unmarked grave.
"Dedication II"
Captain Nye
"Nye Impersonator"
"Bike Parking at Glendale"
Captain Nye
"New Tombstone"
Glendale Cemetery
"Spring in Glendale"
Biking in the Cemetery
"Glendale Riding II"
Glendale Ave
Waiting to cross over to the Towpath. Down the the Path
Part of the purpose for taking this route was to demonstrate the lack of good connection between West Akron and the Towpath Trail.
In the City
"Dandelion Season"
Goat Path Crossing II
"Goat Path"
Goat Path Crossing
"Goat Path II"
Riding down to the locks.
David Swirsky coming through Cascade Locks.
Bike Valet
Bike valet at the Mustill Store.
The Mickeys
The Mickey's
Open for the season
Mustill Store
Mustill Store - an old grocery store that is now a museum.
Biking Selfie
"CVNP Selfie" - out for a ride on Akron-Peninsula.
R. Shea
Finishing my days of riding with an IPA at R. Shea.

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