Monday, April 4, 2016

The Show

So what is this? Its my new teaching tool - for teaching myself. Much like the original intention of this blog, "to shoot, edit and post a photo everyday" the goal of the show will be to record a new one every week. This first episode is a simple "week in review" with some b-roll footage over top. I learned so much about photography by my constant posting and searching for things to post that I hope to do the same for my videography. 
A few years back I made a series on YouTube called BrewView that was all craft beer reviews - doing that show gave me the knowledge to be able to offer video services when clients started asking. Now I want to step it up even more. I've become fairly proficient in Premier Pro but know I have plenty more to learn - I'd also like to figure out Adobe After Effects to add some animations and special effects. 
I'll try to make the videos more engaging as I go on - for now I just had to get myself behind(and in front) of the camera...

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