Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday's Lounge

Last Fall Mario Nemer hired me to take some photos of his legendary Akron club, Thursday's Lounge. I showed up around 11 to a competently empty bar - but by 12:30 I could barely move. I spent plenty of time here in my twenties and the party always started late - but I had never seen it packed like this. The crowd on a Thursday night is different than it used to be - now it skews heavily toward younger, college kids. It felt a little awkward at first to be shooting people out dancing and drinking - I didn't want to seem like a creep - but the good thing about shooting in a bar is that they have alcohol and soon I was immersed in the scene and shooting away...

The newish patio.

Empty dance floor - but nor for long.

Pizza & Beer

Classic Sign


I bounced my flash off the mirrored wall for this shot - which made for some interesting lighting.

More Dancing

Even More Dancing

Thursday's Portrait


Outdoor Shots

Indoor Shots

Buying Dranks

On the Patio

Dat shirt tho

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