Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Friends on Film

St. Pat's Seflie
Over the weekend I developed a roll of Kodak Tri-X in Kodak HC-110 dilution b that I shot in my Nikon L35AF - an early 80's point and shoot camera. I started the roll during a 'First Friday' visit to Canton last Fall and finished it on St. Patrick's Day. I have a tradition of shooting one of my simple film cameras on St. Pat's that started with the idea of not carrying an expensive digital camera around a bunch of day drinking.
Anyway - nothing too serious here - just some fun photos of my friends.

First Friday
"Walking in Canton"
Eric and Joe
Eric and our buddy Joe - Joe had an Art Opening during First Friday.
Joe and I
Selfie with Joe after I bought one of his paintings.
Sara in Canton
Sara in the gallery.
Fran and Andrew
Fran and Andrew in the Civic Theatre for the second installment of PechaKucha Akron.
Eric aka EWags.
Fran and David
Fran and David at PechaKucha.
Chris chilling in the Civic.
Brian on St. Pat's.
Sara in Sun
"Sara in the Sun"
Sunny Nap
"Napping in Sun"
"St. Paddy's Buds"
Sara and Jonny
Sara and Jonny at the Highland Tavern.
St. Pat's
It was so nice having a sunny and warm St. Patrick's Day to spend with a few friends.
Jonny during Kegs an Eggs at The Matinee.
Eric and two Guinesses at the Highland Tavern.
Ohio Brewing
Checking out Ohio Brewing during their soft opening.
Sara at Ranchero's in North Hill. What a cutie.
When I developed this roll of film I set up my Canon Rebel and recorded the process - I turned the footage into a time lapse with Adobe Premiere Pro. The soundtrack is 'Head on Collision' -one of the last songs my band, The Strange Division, recorded.

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