Sunday, April 6, 2014

Valley Ruin Selfies

Self Portrait Today I revisited an interesting spot in the Valley - an area off Wetmore road with some house and barn foundations, littered with old bottles, car parts, and other random left behind junk. I used my remote trigger to snap some photos of myself exploring the area. The remote has a brilliant feature - a slight time delay button, so you can press the shutter and slip the remote into your pocket to get a photo without the trigger visible in your hand. I like using this better than the camera self-timer because you don't need to pre-focus on where you plan to be - the remote allows the focus to work while you are already in the frame. I need to remember to bring it with me more often. Its also a good idea to use it when taking shots with the tripod so you don't shake the camera while pushing the shutter button.

Conduit Study "Conduit Study" - I'm such a serious explorer!
The light was harsh, overhead, midday sun - I plan to return here in better light to capture more of the area.

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