Sunday, April 13, 2014

Night Lights

First Fire With the weather being so awesome this weekend (and after that long Winter) I couldn't bring myself to go inside - even at night. Laura was off with some friends so I lit a fire and enjoyed a few beers out back. As much as I love when our yard fills in with all the green - it is pretty cool the view we have this time of year from the edge of the Valley. I decided to grab my camera and tripod and make some long exposures. The above shot was 30 seconds long.

After a few more attempts to shoot the wonderful view and then I had a new idea - some light painting. Streaking
I grabbed an LED light we have and started running through the yard. I tried it multiple times ending with the above shot. Each shot was becoming progressively neater but I started to worry about the neighbors thinking I was absolutely insane. Some people turn light painting into an amazing art form. Check out Chistopher Renfro's work for some better examples than mine.

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