Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hoppin' Frog III

Dad & Todd On Saturday evening Laura and I went to The Tasting Room at Hoppin' Frog with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. Laura and I have been there a few times but the rest of my family hadn't. The food and beer are top-notch and every member of the staff seems like they love their jobs. If you're a beer nerd it is not to be missed - if good beer isn't your thing you would probably find the prices too high(the food is reasonable though). Besides their own amazing beer they have a really good "guest tap" section of rare beers. We all ordered beers in the 8 ounce size so more could be sampled - which run roughly 5 bucks a pop - they also serve 5 oz and 16 oz glasses. So, well - go there!

Heater/Photographer Silhouettes Silhouettes Phones "Phones" - Mom and Amy Todd & Laura Todd and Laura Nixon Bumper sticker in the parking lot.

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