Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Buried in the Basement

Atari 2600 The Atari has been much in the news the last few days as a documentary crew found and dug up a landfill containing supposedly over 700,000 copies of the game 'E.T. The Extra-terrestrial". The game is considered one of the worst games ever made - I can vouch for that - it simply never made any sense to me. I've since read what the point of the game was but at the time I just didn't get it - and falling in those dang pits over and over!
The thing I've never understood is how it was "such a flop" that so many copies went unsold and had to be buried(then covered with concrete) - I don't know anyone who had an Atari and didn't have E.T. - and everyone talks about how bad it was so they must have played it, right?

E.T. The Extra-terrestrial By the way - these photos are of me and my brother's original Atari 2600 and some of the games. We got it for Christmas one year and it was continually hooked up into the early 90's. We never had a Nintendo(all my friends had them so there was no point for us(said Mom & Dad)) and my Mom was still bringing home games from the store for years(I assume she was picking them up for next-to-nothing at TJ Max or wherever). We even had Atari versions of popular Nintendo games like 'Kung Fu' - imagine how horrible that was. Still, the classics Atari games were/are always fun - graphics didn't matter on the real old ones. The games I see my nieces and nephews playing on their cell phones aren't much more than glorified Atari games anyways. I did have my Atari hooked up about 6 years ago and it still worked - I haven't tried to mess with it lately though...but now that I have it out......

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Tim Fitzwater said...

By the way, did anyone ever "Name This Game" and win $10,000?

We always joked that the winning name would be 'Shark Attack'. I mean, its an Atari game.

(bottom right of photo)