Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Fog of Indigo

Indigo Fog Study
On my way home from work tonight a thick fog was filling the Cuyahoga Valley and the rain was breaking off. I decided to stop at Indigo Lake to try and capture the surreal mood of the evening fog(morning fog is quite common in the Valley). Unfortunately I didn't have my tripod with me so I had to shoot at larger apertures and higher ISO's than I would have liked to - but I think I still managed to get a few worthwhile photographs. In the above shot I was able to pull some great tones in the sky and water with Photoshop(you should click the pic to see a bigger version on flickr.)
Indigo Station #16
Indigo Lake Station I went back and forth in editing trying to decide how much contrast to put in this shot - I liked an eerie washed out feeling but I also liked darkening the blacks which added a bit of detail. I went middle of the road - making the darks a little bit darker. Tracks and Fog
Another train track shot in a long line of my train track shots....

PS - I'm going to start posting a link again for photos of the "fine art" variety to where they can be purchased(clicking on the images will still take you to the free larger versions on flickr.com) - for these ones you can buy them here, here, and here.


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