Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dude, I Got A Dell

Dell XPS 8500
So I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new computer. I ordered a Dell XPS 8500 directly from Dell. I know people think the the desktop is a dead device but I think it will live on for a while because of graphic design, video, and photography - the computing umph combined with large monitors are still desirable for these applications. My new computer is toward the top of the consumer market in specs but not the crazy power of a true gaming machine. It has 16 gigs of RAM and a third generation Intel i7 processor. It should be plenty of power for me - to be honest my last computer wasn't that underpowered, it just no longer worked all the time(crashes and what not) - which is what made this purchase such a hard one to swallow. 
I also noticed that getting a new computer isn't exciting like it used to be - it doesn't even really feel any different. I was already running Windows 8 and I'm no longer trying to play the latest computer game(and I haven't been for over a decade). A computer is such a tool for me - I just want it to run Photoshop smoothly while I listen to some music and have a browser window open. I guess its like a carpenter buying a new saw - I'm sure its nice to have something that cuts smoother - but its hardly a new set of Legos on Christmas morning.....

PS - Hopefully now I can get back to my original plan of shooting, editing, posting and blogging at least one photo every single day.  Also, I plan to finally learn something about the video capabilities of my 7D and use the new computing power to process the clips. Oh yeah - and to finally redo this website and update my FineArtAmerica page.   

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