Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Bit-O-Head

A Little Bit of Head
Tonight I poured myself one of m homebrewed Christmas Ales and it had quite a bit of head - it even started coming out of the bottle. In the homebrew world this is called a gusher - it means something bad was in the beer. Since none of my other beers from this batch did this I can only assume the bottle wasn't cleaned well enough(I mostly res-use bottle). So I poured this one down the drain and grabbed a new one that was fine.

Anyways - this is the only post I've had for the last few days - all the photographs I took this weekend are on film. I have a roll at the lab and one that I need to develop tomorrow - if they turn out they should be pretty cool. I've also spent a good deal of my weekend updating my Fine Art America page - so check it out - and buy something, won'tcha?! 

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