Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Valley Finds

Old Drive
Yesterday I went for a hike through the woods roughly mirroring Wheatley Road. I drive down Wheatley to work everyday and I wanted to check out a few places that I've seen from the truck.  I started my hike by heading up an old driveway into the hills(above). In an area where I know an old farm existed I came across the building pictured below. I had been following coyote tracks so I slowly creeped up on the structure to make sure "no one was home". (My mind was picturing walking up on some pups as the mother mauled me from behind.) Inside the "door" was a drop of about six feet to the floor. I have no idea what this would have been used for. I also came across an old farm implement perched on a hill - it had been there so long you couldn't pull it out if you wanted - the trees had grown up all around it. Unknown Building II
Old Farm Implement
Old Farm Implement
Old Farm Implement II
Rusted Chain
Chain Study
More Rust
Chain Study II
Another shot of the mystery building Unknown Building

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Kyle said...

Beautiful color in these photos. The rust and the mold in the wood look like oil paintings.