Saturday, January 12, 2013

Push It, Push It Real Good!

Window Shopping
I attempted to push develop film for the first time - it was Ilford HP5 400 and I pushed it to 1600. My family has a tradition of going to the West Side Market in Cleveland on the day after Thanksgiving. I knew I wanted to shoot some film but I already had a roll of HP5 in my Minolta X-700 and I figured there wouldn't be enough light for ISO 400 - so I decided to attempt to push it. To push film you set your camera at a faster ISO and then develop for a longer amount of time than normal.  I was surprised by how well it turned out - I thought the grain would become much more noticeable - but it really didn't seem that much different than at 400. The negatives definitely become much more contrasty with less mid-tones but I like fairly contrasty photos for the most part anyways. I'd say it was a successful experiment that will be tried again...
 (I didn't post these earlier because my old computer had decided to stop cooperating with my scanner) Produce
Buying some Mexican salad. Tanner
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Jerky - You know I bought some of this Beer Samples
Beer Samples @ Market Garden Brewery Candied Apples
Candied Apples
Fresh Fish
Fresh Fish

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