Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kodak Duaflex IV

Dual Laura's
I ran a roll of T-Max 100 through my Kodak Duaflex IV camera over the last few days. The camera is a pseudo-TLR - just a point and shoot like my box camera(Target Six-20). The images are a little smaller though, so I get 12 photos instead of 8. I shot most of the roll as double-exposures just for fun. I used a new mix of HC-110 developer to make sure there was enough in the tank - last time I shot 120 film I left a small strip under-developed. All in all everything came out pretty well - its obviously not the sharpest lens on a camera I own and there is no control - but its fun to shoot and it looks cool!
Laura and Sign Dave and Eva Barn Door Barn Door Deere Sprayer Sprayer and Logo Flowers and Laura Flowers and Laura Jumpng Laura's Three Jumping Laura's Dave and Tractor Dave and Tractors

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Tim Fitzwater said...

The more I looked at these I started to notice that the images are actually pretty sharp in the center. I'll have to make sure I center my subjects in my single-exposure shots in the future....