Thursday, April 5, 2012

Under-Exposed @ Szalay's

John Planting
Today I shot a roll of Tri-X400 at the farm(while we planted) with my Minolta X-700. About 13 shots in I realized my shutter speed dial had slipped from 'Aperture Priority' to 1/1000sec.(probably when I took it out of the bag).  Every photo was probably at least 2 stops under-exposed so I decided to under-expose the rest of the roll by two stops and then push-process the I took a gamble and extended my six minute development time to seven minutes. Almost everything turned out good, really good in fact - some of my favorite black and white shots yet. The only thing that didn't work were the photos I took with my 135mm lens that didn't have a red filter - those were far too dark. When this roll is looked at in order it makes a great photo essay on planting - I should make a slideshow of it....
John and JohnnyJohn Planting IV
Checking Seeds I John and Johnny checking the planted seeds. Truck Stop John and Paula John Planting/Johnny Finishing(background) John planting and Johnny finishing(in the background). Paula Paula - I've said it before - I love the "out-of-focus" or "bokeh" that I get with the Rokkor 55mm f/1.7 - my favorite lens! Planting II Johnny walking

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