Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today on my way into to work it was snowing and as I passed the Muranyi's House I decided I had to turn around and snap a few photos. The house was converted from an old barn by the Muranyi's and then later leased by the park to a lady who ran it as the Crooked River Herb Farm.
I was in a hurry and didn't have a tripod so I had to bump up the ISO a bit and hold the camera as steady as I could. I wasn't thrilled with the quality of my photos when I got home and saw them on the screen, but since I liked some of the compositions I decided to use a few Photoshop effects as a bit of a cover. On the one above(of the sheds) I desaturated and sharpened a considerable bit. In the bottom one I (obviously) went black & white and used a "lens blur" effect on the house. There were a few other contrast tweaks and the like and I came away with a few photographs worth posting....

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