Sunday, May 16, 2010

Youngstown II

Pete Milo
PeteDrumming in the Jungle
On Friday I went to Youngstown with Laura and our friend Lindsey to see Peter Milo play at The Lemon Grove. Like the last time I went to Youngstown I brought my older camera, a Rebel XT. Its kind of frustrating using my Rebel when I've become so used to the much better working of my Canon 7D - but I'm still to nervous to carry the 7D in the rougher parts of town. I really notice the much better image quality I get from my new camera when I go to process the images. Anyways - Pete put on a really good show and was backed by his brother and friend Eric.

Annie and Eric
We spent the night in Youngstown with Annie and Eric(pictured above) and grabbed some breakfast at The Mocha house(pictured below).
Lindsey and LauraWraps
I always have a great time when I go out to Youngstown. I find it funny that when I tell people from here that I'm going they ask "why go there?" and when I get to Youngstown and say I'm from Akron people say "why did you come here?" Akron may be doing better than Youngstown but all in all they are pretty similar places...

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