Thursday, May 6, 2010


These are some of my latest "random acts of photography" - just some fun snapshots taken when I happen to have my camera on me. I've always wanted to take a shot like the one above and everything was just in the perfect position for it.
Below is The Shoes - there have been one pair or another hanging in this general area ever since I started hanging out in Highland Square. In this shot I used a Photoshop above and beyond where I'm usually willing to go with it. I used a 'lens blur' filter to make it appear as if only the shoes were in sharp focus(like I had used a really wide aperture at a closer distance).

Safe As Houses
There is just something that struck my eye in this scene when I was out walking - these are all identical duplexes, kinda boring, with the back yard taken up by driveways. I guess it reminds me of something Andrew Borowiec would take.
I was taking some photos at my parents of stuff they wanted to put on Craig's List - my niece jumped in front of the camera and made this face - I snapped at the perfect time....

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Anonymous said...

I really love the glasses pic!