Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Four Cylinders of Fun

Nothing is Ever Simple
So all I wanted to do was change my oil, air filter, and add some coolant - sounds easy enough - but this is a car and I know going in that even the simplest task never turns out easy. So the oil filter turns out to be in a near impossible place to reach - add an additional 10 minutes fumbling for a tool that will work. Air filter time - no problem right? Remove the cover of the air filter housing, pull out air filter, insert new air filter - but wait, turns out a chipmunk or some other furry creature made a home in my air filter.

So I end up taking the whole housing and air intake apart to clean out all the sunflower seed shells and other junk out - still no big deal? - a bolt breaks.  So next thing I'm doing is zip-tying my air intake back in place.... on and on.  Well - I can't wait to do my brakes this weekend!!
Four Cylinders of Fun

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