Friday, May 7, 2010

Silver Creek Metro Park

Yesterday my friend Lindsey and I picked up her dad's dog and went for a hike at Silver Creek. I hadn't been out there for a few years so it was nice to hike a trail that I didn't know like the back of my hand. In the above photo I used a few Photoshop filters to give it a more "old school" look. I put a pastel blue gradient map layer on at about 50% transparency and a high pass filter at about 15%. I also added a decent bit of sharpening and a vignette.
This is Rudy rolling around on the beach. The only thing I really did to this photo was some color balance adjustment and I added some saturation to give it more pop.

Life's a Beach
The Beach - with a close up focus. It was a perfect day.
Lindsey and Rudy
Rudy and Lindsey. This hike really got me excited for my upcoming vacation to the real beach on the east coast....more on that soon...

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