Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 4th 2010

Blanket Hill
On May 4th 1970 the National Guard opened fire on Kent State students wounding nine and killing four. Yesterday I went to observe the 40th Anniversary Commemoration. There were speeches by family members of the killed and wounded as well as Jerry Casale of Devo, Mary Vecchio, May 4 eyewitness; John Filo, esteemed 1970 KSU photographer; Gene Young, Jackson State massacre eyewitness; Russ Miller and more. Many of the speakers put events into modern context and spoke of current politics - which to me made the event more interesting and relevant.
StonesPagoda @ KSU

It still amazes me every year when this date comes around to read some of the comments on newspaper websites or the letters to the editor, things such as "they got what they deserved" and other ignorant and mean remarks. Its common knowledge now that two of the four killed weren't even involved in the protests - they were simply walking to class(not that any of the deaths or injuries were justified). What would these people say if a TEA partier was gunned down by the government?
Markers @ Kent
Taylor Hall
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?kent3

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Anonymous said...

How tragic - it still sometimes feels like yesterday. Thank you for your post.