Monday, March 29, 2010

Youngstown Rebel

So last Saturday my girlfriend, I, and our friend Lindsey went out to Youngstown to visit my friend Eric(photo above) and see a band play. When I was getting my stuff together I started debating in my head, "should I bring my 7D or not". For me its so hard to go on any trip(even a short overnight) without my nice camera. I knew we planned to meet at a cool bar(but it was in the ghetto), then we'd be heading to a crowded club, and after that wherever the night/drinks took us. It was unsettling to think of carrying over $2000 worth of gear with me. Finally I decided - I was gonna bring my older Canon(a Digital Rebel XT), with the cheap lens it came with and my least expensive flash.

This debate may seem ridiculous to some - but to me if i don't have my camera I might as well not have even gone....and the fact that I have a back up camera should be good enough, right? Its just that when you get really into photography(at least for me) you want to always be able to take the best picture possible - even if it is the little, just for memory type of photos I posted here....
Laura & Lindsey

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