Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blue Hen Part IV

Blue Hen Part IV
I'm not sure what "part" this really is - but I've tried to photograph Blue Hen Falls multiple times. Its kinda my photographic nemesis. The last time I went the falls were covered in ice and snow and not very pretty. The time before that they were just a trickle -and the time before that the sun was too bright to get a long enough shutter speed to blur the water. This time I was prepared. It was a rainy day and I knew the clouds weren't going anywhere, between the snow melt and rain I knew there would be a good flow, and I had a new perspective in mind to really bring out the scene.
I snapped this with myself and the tripod in the river slightly - which was a little nerve-racking but ultimately worth-while. Blue Hen, I knew I could make you look good - now for Brandywine Falls Part III.
More photos below...

Blue Hen Falls
A higher perspective.
Some fungi!

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