Friday, March 5, 2010

Under Construction

This blog and all the other pages on this website are based on blogger templates but unfortunately blogger plans to no longer allow users to upload to external FTPs. Never mind the technical mumbo-jumbo - I bring this up because I'm going to use this as an opportunity to revamp and improve this site. I'm going to add photo galleries and redo the navigation - its a work in progress. The first thing you'll notice is that I've created a new banner. I only have it up on the blog right now but it will soon grace all the pages when they are redone.
The above photo was an accident from earlier today when I was shooting portraits for the banner. I liked the reflection of my old camera in my new one.


TimJayFitz said...

Now that the banner is up there I'm already unhappy with it - so look for that to change again in the coming days. I do like it better than the old one though - at least i'm holding a camera from this decade.

TimJayFitz said...

Maybe it needs a border?
Now I'm just talking to myself.

TimJayFitz said...

That banner makes me look like a hunchback!
The border didn't look good either(for those of you who have been intensely following this conversation with myself).