Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Unguarded Moment

The Unguarded Moment Poster Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography
Today I went to the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography to check out the exhibit of Steve McCurry's work called 'The Unguarded Moment'. Steve McCurry is an award winning National Geographic photographer most famous for his photo titled 'Afghan Girl'(visible in the exhibit poster above). All 50 of his prints on display showed beautiful color and detail. They're portraits of people from the Middle East and Asia - with a focus on showing "a person caught in the broader landscape that you could call the human condition". It was truly an amazing collection of work. The Gallery also had many other photos from their collection on display.
I'm glad I went - I've wanted to make an effort to get out to see more things like this. There really is a difference between a page on a website (or a magazine) versus seeing a large, beautiful print in person.

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Anonymous said...

Steve McCurry has long been one of my favorite photographers! I'll have to check this out!