Saturday, March 27, 2010

East Park Redux

Canal Place
I did a post about this strange little park near downtown Akron last year. I wanted to show "East Park" to my girlfriend so we went back there on Friday. Its a park that seems to have been left to time - I'm not sure when it was built. Its centered on the canal and sits in the shadow of the former BF Goodrich World HQ. Both times I've been there I've barely seen another soul. Its a pretty photogenic park surrounded by two condo complexes.
LauraGarbage Dump
The amount of trash that is in this part of the canal is astounding - I think we counted about 6 bikes.

You need to click on this and view the "large" size on Flickr. Check out Laura's earing - it caught the sun perfect and really looks cool.
GeeseEast Park
Laura scared up these two geese - I caught them in flight.

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Anonymous said...

I've been here once or twice. It does seem like abandoned.