Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mocha Mathem

Art OpeningLast night I went out to Mocha Maiden in downtown Akron to view an art opening for Julia Renee Bunn's Senior BFA Painting Exhibition. I don't consider myself an art critic, but I know what I like - and I was very impressed with Julia's work. If you've never been to Mocha Maiden now would be a good time to check it out. The place consists of the gallery, a coffee shop, a wine bar, botique, and the music venue Musica.
I went last night to view the art - and more or less brought my camera as an after thought. I didn't have a lot of gear with me, but I was able to use a table as a make-shift tripod and get these few decent longer exposure photos.

Art Opening

By the way, there was no real "mayhem" last night(except maybe in my head from the three large coffee drinks I had) the post title just came to me this morning and I had to use it.

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