Saturday, January 3, 2009

Flash Dance

Last night I went up to the Cleveland Matinee to see the bands Ghostman & Sandman and Food Court. For some reason my Canon Speedlite 580exII quite on me - it was still flashing, but with no real power.
The above photo was taken with the flash at full power and the camera at an ISO of 1600, an aperture of 4.0, and 1/50th shutter speed. In other words it should be completely blown out....
IMG_4642-1 this, which was taken with my 430ex at the same exact settings.
Thank god I had my 430ex with me or I wouldn't have gotten any shots of Ghostman & Sandman. Unfortunately my plan was to do a 2 flash strobist style set-up - the Cleveland Matinee isn't a good place for bounce flash(my preferred small club lighting style).

The only good news is that my 580exII is under warranty still(its newer than my 430ex)....

I'll have photos from the show up in the next few days. My trial version of Photoshop CS4 expired and it will be a few days before my new copy arrives.

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Tim Fitzwater said...

I set up my 580ex and 430ex today and had no idea what went wrong on Friday.