Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Studio Fun

2020 Cycling Promo
I took a couple different studio portraits recently to experiment with a few ideas I had. Above is a cycling photo I had in mind using gels and grid spots and below is a "fake summer" idea I had using a single light and beauty dish. I took a few set-up shots with my Canon 6D to show how I arrived at these looks.

Summer Dreaming
"Summer Dreaming"
This is the set-up shot for "Summer Dreaming". The beauty dish at the top of the frame being the only light as I was trying to duplicate the sun high in the sky.
Another angle. I used an IR trigger to fire the camera as I was laying under it.
My view during the photo.
Set-up for the cycling image.
Green gel camera left with a grid and blue gel camera right with a grid. The brown cord with a red end on the ground on the bottom left is a optical trigger for the "green" strobe - using the grid there wasn't enough light back at the power pack to trigger the strobe. It took me a little while to figure out what was happening(why my strobe wasn't firing).
Another angle. - the bike was propped up because I wanted it higher in the frame behind me. 
View from my perspective.
2020 Cycling Promo 2
Bonus shot of my bike - I let the lights blend together more. I didn't take down this set-up yet as I think it might be fun to play with the angles of the grids to make more dramatic shadows and lighting effects.

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