Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Bikes, Art & Music (all in a day)

Book Signing
Saturday was a busy one. I woke up early and picked up Ben to head out to Garretsville to ride in a gravel race called the Road Apple Roubaix. The conditions were a bit sloppy as you'll see in the photos and video below. After I got home and showered up I went out to Trust books to get my booked inscribed at Greg's book signing and to check out the opening of the Boiler Room Gallery. I walked from there over to the Akron Music Awards to cover that event. Every activity was a great time but needless to say I had no trouble sleeping that night.

Boiler Room Gallery
The Boiler Room Gallery
Road Apple Roubaix
The bicycles after the RAR.
Road Apple Roubaix
Ben after the RAR.
Road Apple Roubaix
Me after the RAR.
Us during the RAR. - I let my GoPro run until the battery died.

Head over to the Akron Music Awards FB Page - click HERE - to find out the details of the event and to see a bunch of the photos, below are just a couple of my favorites:

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