Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quarantine Mustache

Monte Zoncolan
There are a lot of "challenges" and social media activities going around right now since many people have extra time on their hands - also as a distraction I believe. Ben tagged me in a #QuarantineMustache challenge and what the heck - it was time for the winter beard to go. Also - I'm not seeing that many people anyways, or so I thought - about ten minutes after shaving I received a text about shooting at the FoodBank today. Oh well! 
I used it as an excuse to set up some lights and try out a lighting technique in the studio.

Set Up Shots
Set up shot - beauty dish over the camera and two grid spots about 45 behind me.
Set Up Shots
My view(except the camera is in my hand not on the tripod during this for obvious reasons).
Set Up Shots
From where the camera is(just a bit wider).
Set Up Shots
Kind of made a mess of things doing this(it is all picked up now).

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