Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekend in Ann Arbor

Last weekend Rick and I went up to Ann Arbor, Michigan to help out his niece and her husband with a few tasks around their new house. During the day we worked but on Friday and Saturday went out and explored the city a bit. I had no idea Ann Arbor was a city of over 100,000 people - from some reason I always imagined it as a little college town along the lines of Kent. It is actually a bustling place with lots to see. The artfest also happened to be going on which was really cool. Here are a couple photos I took while out for dinners and drinks.

On the way into town we stopped at the famous Zingerman's Deli and had some amazing sandwiches. Nothing here is cheap but the food and service are great.

Walking through the artfest on our way to dinner.

"Concessions in Light"

We had dinner(some awesome pizzas) at Jolly Pumpkin - a sour beer-lovers heaven.

"La Roja"

There was a beautiful sunset on our walk through the artfair and back to the car.

The next night we started out at Bill's Beer Garden. A parking lot by day - a great craft beer spot in the evening.

So one side of the lot is the beer garden - through the hardware store on the other side are five or six food carts. I had some great Mexican. There should be one of these somewhere in Akron - it is such a great concept.

A delicious Black IPA and Rick.

The trip was a good mix of work and play.
We also stopped at Ann Arbor's 'HopCat' location - a craft beer bar with 100 taps - I stuck to the Michigan beer that we can't get here.
Ann Arbor - I definitely want to come back.

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