Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Torchbearers at Wingfoot Lake

Last night I went to Goodyear's Wingfoot Lake Blimp Hangar to photograph the Torchbearer's general membership meeting. It was obviously a pretty cool spot to have it. Before the meeting there was a guided tour of the facility. 
For the record - the Goodyear Blimps are not in the large black Airdock that Lockheed Martin owns by the Rubber Bowl - Wingfoot Lake is in Suffield.

Built in 1917, Wingfoot is the oldest active airship base in the world.


The hangar was lengthened twice in its history - during WWII it was an assembly line for blimps and balloons.

'gramin' it

In the background is the frame of what will be the second of three new "blimps". Technically they aren't blimps because they have a structure on the inside.

Oh, that Patrick.

"Doc and the Blimp" - and this one is a blimp - it is the Spirit of Innovation visiting from Florida. The new Zeppelin, Wingfoot One, had left the day before.

"Blimp Selfies" Jonny and Meghan

"Spirit of Innovation"

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